A ban on Games and hardware piracy in Windows 10

New updates in windows 10
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Windows 10 is out, and making an impact coarsely with its distinctive features. Windows 10, which is a replacement of an older version of windows 7 and windows 8/8.1 released with massive global acceptance. Besides being a free update for millions of Windows users, it comes with attractive new appearances. The features in this new OS by Microsoft are unique and speak volumes in terms of the user approach. The proceedings to put an upgraded operating system with unique features, that enables easy upgrade without backing up of data files to the newer version is formulated well.

Just after its launch, there is a seamless flow of its updates and each update is adding to its features. The latest OS is an auto corrector for pirated files and detects them with impressive accuracy. Yes, it adds to be a great utility, as the auto detection support of pirated issues can check for the pirated as well as unauthorized games and files. Once the piracy is detected, the pirated files will be blocked from running. A call-to-action strategy in windows 10 this time plays a direct prohibition of the forged software along with the hardware.

Games and hardware piracy in Windows 10
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The latest edition of End User License Agreement (EULA) defines the terms and conditions legally provided to the company in order to block the piracy and uninstall such software. It has not been possible before and this new invention is being received well by the end user. As mentioned by the PC Authority, not only the counterfeit software but also the adjoining hardware will get disabled. The revised 7(b) clause of EULA reads, “The Company may automatically check your version of the software and download software update or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices.”

The deep technological grounds are still hazy and when company official was questioned on how do they detect the piracy, he said,“We take claims of intellectual property infringement seriously and review them in accordance with our standard procedures. We also continue to review the content of our Windows Store periodically as described in this blog post, as we work to deliver a great customer experience and provide fair and transparent developer policies and enforcement.”

Soon after this update garnered buzz, the tech giants came out with 10240 release that states that “By accepting this agreement, you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice.” With this update, while accepting the clause, the user will no more be able to select the option of “choose when to reboot”, “choose when to download and install” and “never check for updates”. Windows 10 downloads and installs automatically and the user will be asked thereby when to reboot the system. The large number of updates are out in the news and we can’t wait for the new update to win some brownie points from us as users. This is a major drawback for the piracy industry, especially the game and hardware counterfeit with this new update in windows 10.



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