AAP MLA in assembly with baby; An example to working women

For those who say the motherhood stops you from growing should learn from this AAP MLA. Sarita Singh is an exemplary mother. She is the mother of two months old baby Advait Abhinav Rai. He accompanies her mother in meetings at Delhi secretariat and Delhi assembly.

In fact, he accompanied his mother in the three-day assembly session. She gets support from female legislators and her male colleagues in taking care of Advait at the Assembly. He was born on 8 November 2017 and his mother is going out for work since January 1 along with his son.

image credit: news18

As the mother of newly born decided to have her baby around all the time so she decided to take him while going to work. She doesn’t want to compromise on his care. There is no maternity leave policy in the Delhi Assembly and the child is being breastfed.

Considering the situation of working female politicians and public servants, some measures are required to be taken. There is need of creches and day care centres so that working mothers can fulfill both the duties well. As the time has changed and more and more younger women have now become part of political system so maternity benefits should be provided.