Different Ways To Have Bhang This Holi

bhang holi recipe

Holi is the most colorful and the vibrant festival of India and is celebrated with high zeal and enthusiasm. Bhang, an in-toxic element, has always been an integral part of the Holi festival and holds a great historical importance. Bhang was first used way back in 1000 BC and has always been connected to Hindu Lord Shiva.

Slowly and gradually Bhang became one of the most essential parts of Holi. Be it the drinks, prashad, food items or the offerings to God, bhang would certainly be included in all in some or the other form. Bhang is believed to have many medical benefits. Ayurveda has been using bhang since ages because of its medicinal properties. They say bhang helps you relax and get rid of depression; also it gives you a sound and peaceful sleep.

There are various ways bhang can be consumed. Let us have a look at a few of them so as to make it more fun this Holi.

  • Bhang Ke Pakore:bhang-pakore
  • Bhang Ki Lassi:
  • Bhang Ka Halwa:bhang-halwa
  • Bhang Ke Ladoo:

Bollywood movies have shown the intake of bhang since many years and what happens next to that and has given songs like ‘Rang Barse Bheege Chunr Wali” or “Jay Jay Shiv Shankar” which are played in every street of the country during the colorful festival.

We wish you a very joyous festival. Play Safe!
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