Cheti Chand: A day of celebrations and prayers for the Sindhi community. Here’s more about the festival

A name heard of many times, Cheti Chand is one of the essential festivals of the Sindhi community. It is a day which commemorates the birth of Sindhi Philanthropist Saint Jhulelal.

On this day, the Sindhi people worship Saint Uderolal (also known as Jhulelal) and Varuna (God of water). It an auspicious day for Sindhi businessmen as the festival of Cheti Chand marks the beginning of the new financial year. Hence, it is also known as the Sindhi New Year. Cheti Chand will be observed on Monday, 19th March 2018. It falls on the second day of the Chaitra month.

Cheti Chand: Pooja

A huge procession is carried out to toast the quintessence of Cheti Chand. On this occasion, people unite to light up cute, little lamps and diyas as they paint the town red. Let’s see the process of celebrating Cheti Chand. Cheti Chand is about visiting temples and seeking the blessings of the elder people in the family. The ritual of taking Baharana Sahib to a lake is followed. The Baharana Sahib aims to ensure that all marine living creatures get food for survival.

What is Baharana Sahib?

Baharana Sahib comprises of Jyot (Oil Lamp), Misri (Crystal Sugar), Fal (Fruits), ilaichi (Cardamom), Akha. Not only this, it also comprises of the Kalash (Water jar), a Nariyal (Coconut) in it, flowers, leaves, and cloth.

A murti (a structure with God’s image carved onto it) of Jhulelal Devta is used during all processions. The Lord of Water-Varun is worshiped. On Cheti Chand, Sindhis dedicated their prayers to River God and seek protection from the evils and also pray for peace and prosperity. People pray for prosperity and riches to the mighty Lord Varun (Deity of Water).

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