Indo-Israel Partnership Goes Strong: Nations Sign 7 MoU for Development

The emerging superpowers of the world, India and Israel bond over seven MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) signed for development in agriculture, water conservation, and satellite technology. The countries mutually agreed to create an ‘innovation fund’ worth 40 million US dollars for this purpose. In short, this is one of the most fruitful foreign trips of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, so far. The PM had long discussions with Benjamin Netanyahu, his Israeli counterpart.

Here’s what happened when Modi met Netanyahu in Israel.

India and Israel Sign MoUs to Strengthen Intercontinental Ties…

On Wednesday, both the countries signed 7 major agreements to strengthen the civilian ties between the countries. The ‘friend’ offered to sell us advanced military equipment worth 1 billion US dollars to India. The MoUs signed between the countries include:

  • Sharing of conservation technologies to save water for domestic use and irrigation
  • State Water Utility Reform
  • Constituting a special fund ‘Technological Innovation Fund’ or I4F for promoting industrial research and development
  • The introduction of novel technologies in agriculture. A 3-year pact was signed between India and Israel from 2018 to 2020. India will borrow new techniques for agriculture to boost farmer income.
  • Additionally, the countries agreed to cooperate on atomic clocks, GEO-LEO optical links, and satellite technology (electric propulsion for small satellites).

Besides discussing on development-centric issues, India and Israel issued a joint statement regarding their take on terrorism. Both countries will take precautionary measures against individuals and organization that encourage, sponsor or support terrorism.

As of now, India is one of the biggest clients of Israel. Now, India will borrow their defense technology to reduce its dependability on foreign nations.

PM Modi’s recent visit to Israel marks the silver jubilee of diplomatic relations between the two countries. According to the Indian prime minister, the objective behind this partnership reflects the common intents and priorities of India and Israel. The determined leaders are all set to lead their nations toward progress.