Jaipur’s Jeweller’s Wife Murdered- Culprits caught hold by police’s brilliance

Jaipur’s Jeweller's Wife Murdered

On 29th May, a heinous murder was committed in the city of Jaipur. Wife of city’s prominent jeweller was killed at her residence. Shakuntala Devi was a 62 year old woman. It was a week after that the police found out the culprits of the murder, they were the two men who worked at the jewellers house as domestic help. The murderers are namely Harish and Karan and it was Karan who was arrested by the police 31st of May while Harish with other culprit Prem Shankar were caught on 5th June.

The accused who are from Dungarpur district, initially planned to rob the jewellers home but they ended up killing the lady owner of the house.

Karan Sharma the ASP of West Region told the media that, “Prem Shankar worked at a factory in Mumbai. He used to bring youths from his village in Dungarpur to work as domestic helps at households in Mumbai. He had recently called Harish and Karan also and employed them there.” He got to know about the domestic need of the jeweller duo through their daughter who lived in Mumbai. After knowing the daily routine of the couple, through the two new servants he sent for their help, Prem Shankar planned the robbery.

Post the murder and robbery, the two servants rushed back to their hometown and when the police contacted victims’ daughter, she informed the police about Prem Shankar and eventually he came into the limelight.

Through thorough search of Dungapur’s identity list, police reached the two culprits, Karan and Harish within not much time. Whereas Prem Shankar was nabbed at the bus stop while he was trying to flee to some new place. Though each one of them tried their best to hide and sneak out the police’s eye, they are now sent to jail.



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