Meet Real-Life Valedictorians of Agriculture: These People Have Made Things Possible On Fields

Rajasthan’s farmers are no longer poor, deprived or illiterate any more. They’re smart, they’re educated but most of all, they’re eco-friendly and practical in approach. They put in efforts to siphon knowledge from different sources and successfully implemented on the fields to generate surplus harvest for the state. Rajasthan Government recognized their hard work and rewarded them at ‘GRAM’ (Global Rajasthan Agriculture Meet) held at JECC, Jaipur. Certificates and awards were presented by Union Minister of Agriculture Mr. Radha Mohan Singh and Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje.

Success Stories of Rajasthan Farmers is an Inspiration for All

Irrespective of formidable climatic challenges and geographical restrictions imposed on them, these cultivators have come a long way from barren, drought-stricken fields to lush green, well-irrigated croplands. To help them perform better, Rajasthan government organized awarded cash prizes ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 Lakh along with ‘Certificate of Recognition’.

348 Herdswomen & 22 Farmers were Awarded with Certificates & Cash Prizes

Following people were invited on the valedictory ceremony yesterday:

3 farmers who practices organic farming in their farms,

2 farmers (at state level) and 20 farmers (at district level) for their outstanding performance in agriculture,

348 herdswomen (2 at state level, 64 at district level and 282 at Panchayat Level) for their noteworthy contribution in animal husbandry.

Organic farming, which relies on using sustainable, ‘green’ measures on field to avoid environmental problems is the need of hour. Few years from now, Rajasthan Government plans to substitute inorganic techniques with eco-friendly, healthy measures. A few farmers have set a landmark by practically demonstrating these techniques on field. Three of them, Ramkiran Singh from Sikar, Rubi Paarik from Dausa and Hukumchand Paatidaar from Jhaalawad received a cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh each.

Rajasthan being the second largest producer of milk at national level, basks in the success of cattle breeders in state. This time it’s not just the men, but women, who’ve made state proud in animal husbandry. Santosh Kumari from Jhaalawad, Bhoore Khan from Tonk, Ramu from Ajmer and Sumandeep Kaur from Kota were awarded for their outstanding performance under ‘Aatma Yojana’.

Likewise, heads from local dairy committees were awarded ‘Certificate of Merit’ for highest milk production in the state. Recipients of this award were Purkharam Goyal from Bhilada, Bhairu Ram from Ghinoi and Susheela from Ganeshgarh (Ganganagar).

In addition to these, other farmers like Virendra Pal (Bharatpur), Suneeta (Bikaner), Ajit Singh (Jaipur), Mori Devi (Jalore), Brahmasingh (Jodhpur), Rakesh Kumar (Kota) and Radmal (Sikar) were rewarded for their noteworthy performances in agriculture.

Rajasthan government showered rewards and recognition on farmers, animal breeders and village women to encourage several others in the state. Extreme temperatures, low annual rainfall, food scarcity and plant/crop diseases, what scared others, made Rajasthan farmers immune and determined towards performing better. We salute the brave spirits of village dwellers and wish them good luck for the upcoming harvest season.