The New Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Giggles Will Be Back In May 2017. Know the details here.

90s kids will relate to it the most. Sarabhai v/s sarabhai was the show with every unique character we will never forget. The show always give us the visceral feel to watch its colourful and carefree world. Well, the show will soon have a re-run as announced by its producer JD Majethia. You will again witness the madness and well-fabricated shenanigans of this crazy yet adorable show. But, instead of TV, you will see this on Hotstar web series.
The show was on air during 2004-2006 and gave unfading giggles to watchers. After years of span, it will be back with same characters and cast. Majethia, the producer said, “We are starting the shoot by the end of this month. It will go on till April or first week of May.”

By the month of May, you will be able to relive those heartily giggles with Sarabhai family. The dates are not out yet. Majethia, who is the producer of its real series also, said, ” The show will premiere very soon, mostly it will be May”. Aatish kapadia has written the 2nd series of Sarabhai vs sarabhai. Aatish and Devan Bhojani will be a team of co-directors of this series. The new show will be spiced up with some added character. I am sure they will not be any less nutty and fanatical.
The series story revolved around Mumbai’s upper-class family. Monisha was a middle-class daughter-in-law who was the constant victim of her mother-in-law’s (Ratna Pathak Shah) hasty remarks. Her intermittent dialogue, “so downmarket!” or “how middle class”, gave us the loads of laughter.
Not to forget Rosesh’s puerile rhymes, here we have a memory refresher for you from his stock of words:

Momma ka purse, jaise hospital ki pyaari koi nurse
Purse mein rakha tissue paper karta hai paseene ka ilaaj
Aur lipstick ho jaise, bhooke hotho ka anaj
Momma ke purse ka hai makhmali sa sparsh