‘Pakistan’s nukes are not kept for Eid either’- says PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti

In a reply to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nuclear power statement, Peoples Democratic Party chief and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said, “If India hasn’t kept nuclear bomb for Diwali, it’s obvious Pakistan’s not kept theirs for Eid either.’

Addressing reporters in Kulgam, Mehbooba Mufti once again criticized Modi. Mufti also accused Modi of “bragging about India’s nuclear capacity and “Lowering” the country’s political discourse.

On Sunday, Modi had said that his government had refused to be intimidated by Pakistan’s nuclear threats and that with the Balakot air strike, India had given Pakistan a fitting reply. “What do we have then? Have we kept our nuclear bomb for Diwali?” PM Modi said at a rally in Barmer district of Rajasthan.

Modi had said that his government had made the terrorists afraid from across the border and the results of it were visible as there were no blasts anywhere in the country in the last five years.

It should be remembered that in February a Pak extremist Jaish-ae-Mohammed backed brutal terrorist attack has killed our 44 CRPF martyrs. When India replied with air strikes Pakistan had threatened India by bragging their nuclear power, said- “We have nuclear bombs, not firecrackers.”

It is well known that the various separatist influencers have been fueling the hatred against India in the valley. Even powerful leaders like PDP chief cannot hide their approach against India when it comes to India-Pakistan relationship.




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