Rajasthan Government’s Development Schemes are not run-of-the-mill; they are beyond time

Rajasthan is escalating its journey of development like never before. Under the able leadership of CM Raje, the state’s trajectory is advancing to a fully developed state equipped with all essential resources.

From Bhamashah, Grameen Gaurav Path to Annapurna Milk Scheme, Amrit Aahar and Barmer Refinery, and countless other schemes, programmes, and initiatives, all things development can be found in the desert state.

Roads in Rajasthan

Dating back to as many as 5 years ago, there weren’t any roads without potholes in the state. Now, there are as many as 5262 kms of roads being built under the ambit of Grameen Gaurav Path.

As many as 5814 villages have been connected with roads. This is it? Not at all. There is so much that is done in this space. A whopping 1012 crores has been spent on constructing the roads under the missing link – 4302 kms of roads is already built.

Building the Future

Not only are school children being provided with milk and midday meal, but they are also being with provided with complimentary health check-ups and consultation check-ups at the school. Isn’t that great? Adarsh Vidyalaya, Utkrasht Yojana and the ongoing overhauling of existing schools is the cherry on the cake.

Students till Class 5 will get 150 ml of hot milk thrice a week while those in Class 6 to 8 will get 200 ml milk. The Rajasthan education system is growing at par with Canada – free education, and everything else possible to encourage children to attend schools. What’s the bottom line, you ask? It is to increase the educational standards to increase the scholar count and decrease the drop out rate.

The Magic of Transformation

If you are thinking that this is in collaboration with a private school, then absolutely not. The Rajasthan Government has impressively scaled up the standards of the government school, effectively fading away from the common notion and visual impression of a government school. That’s the magic of transformation!

Recently, the Rajasthan Government shut down as many as 800 primary schools. But was it a bad decision or a pragmatic one? In my view, it was a pragmatically calculated move towards making education better and the best. Not only education but all the government schemes are also operating single-mindedly to benefit one and all.



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