Sunil Grover takes another jab at Kapil Sharma; hints about fresh beginnings

The mid-air feud between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover has not yet ended. Grover is hinting at new beginnings, while Kapil is in a bid to introduce new faces to sustain his show.

For those who don’t know, comedian turned producer-cum actor Kapil Sharma hurled a shoe at Grover and also bad-mouthed his colleagues including Grover, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar. Post the mid-air tiff, the trio decided to boycott Kapil’s show. Reportedly, Sony has signed Grover for another comedy show in his own name, which will star the Chandan and Ali too.

Kapil also took to Facebook to declare that it was the first instance in five years where he had ill-treated Grover. However, Grover responded with no acceptance of apology. Instead, Grover took to Twitter to condemn Kapil. Grover slammed Kapil by saying, “Don’t act like ‘god’ and treat people, who aren’t as successful as him, with respect.”

Kapil Sharma is currently stuck with plunging TRP’s. The channel has also announced an ultimatum for Kapil to terminate the show if TRP’s don’t spike up.

Grover took a jibe at Kapil Sharma. He shared a picture of himself on Instagram wherein his shoe faced the camera. He has also captioned his picture: Shoe Size US 10.

Shoe Size US 10

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Another Instagram post of Grover hinted at a bright future which Grover holds for himself. Sunil is looking at the mirror while he is holding a gate which hints at new beginnings for the ace comedian.

No caption for this picture this time. Take out the meaning you want.

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After boycotting ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Grover was seen on many reality shows where he was portrayed as a very revered celebrity of TV industry.

Prominent comedian Raju Shrivastava who was roped in Kapil Sharma Show said, ” Kapil could not handle the success.”

Well, the current state of affairs suggest that Kapil is in a disarray while Grover is having a  good life with newer and wider opportunities coming his way.