Why Kerala should worry about rising COVID cases in Europe

Covid, Europe, Kerala
Covid cases are rising again in Europe
Covid, Europe, Kerala
Covid cases are rising again in Europe

According to members of the State Expert Committee, the increasing curve of Covid-19 infections among European countries, especially fully vaccinated people, is such that progressive infections are increasing daily in states such as Kerala. May be a concern for you.

Germany, where 67.2 per cent of the population was fully vaccinated, reported more than 50,000 cases on Thursday. This is the highest level since the beginning of the pandemic. The United Kingdom, one of Europe’s most affected countries for Covid’s death, also reported more than 35,000 cases this week.

In Europe, new infections increased by 6% and deaths increased by 12% last week compared to the previous week. WHO said Europe is at a “critical point” and may experience outbreaks due to “unequal vaccination rates” and premature relaxation of restrictions. AshTS, a member of the Expert Committee that advises the Government of Kerala on Covid-19, said: In Europe, there is a closer interaction, perhaps because the vaccine is less effective, or because it’s winter now. It may be due to social factors, but I don’t know yet. Therefore, it is a concern for us. ”

However, the latest seroprevalence survey of 82% of the population’s antibodies, conducted in Kerala, is hopeful, he said. “We can’t lower the hat at this point, but we want to overcome the waves (as much as possible),” he said.

The Ministry of Health said that of the 74,976 cases reported between November 3 and November 9, 1.7% needed an oxygen bed and 1.4% had an ICU bed.

“Almost all emerging infectious diseases are less serious. In comparison, mortality is low. These data are very similar to those in European countries. Breakthrough infections are common in other states of India. It may not be detected. It may be too mild to infect the (medical) system. This may be one of the reasons. The second reason is that natural infections are very common in other states. Therefore, it is a kind of bactericidal immunity without infection. “People who were once infected with the delta variant of the virus may not be re-infected at all,” he said. Anish said.

“Looking at the immunity sterilization pattern, the incidence is very low in Kerala. Seroprevalence studies have data on this. In Kerala, many people are immune to the vaccine, which increases their chances of getting infected. “



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