PM Modi got a “Woman” to defend him: Rahul Gandhi’s sexist remark on Sitharaman

The “Prospective” Prime Minister from the Congress party, Mr. Rahul Gandhi likes to hit below the belt nowadays. Calling nation’s prime minister- a ‘Chor’ wasn’t enough for him when he made a recent statement which is for defense minister of the largest democracy- Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman. Rahul Gandhi addressed a Kisan rally in Jaipur on Wednesday, where he said that PM Modi got a “woman” to defend him in Parliament. Rahul Gandhi was once again attacking PM Narendra Modi of Rafale deal at the rally.

Rahul Gandhi said, ‘The watchman with a 56-inch chest ram away and told a woman, Sitharaman Ji, defend me. I won’t be able to defend myself, defend me. I had asked a straight question- answer yes or no- but she couldn’t answer.’ Rahul Gandhi used Hindi word ‘mahila’ for a woman at the rally.

Is the misogyny the last resort for Rahul Gandhi when it comes to Rafale deal which is a fake controversy created by the opposition party?

The Supreme Court has given the clean chit to the case. French Prime Minister cleared the air. The Company Dassault aviation, which is the manufacturer of the fighter get had denied any “personal favoritism”.

#MisogynistRahul is trending today

Rahul Gandhi, the 48-years old “young” leader of the grand old party, is not in the mood of leaving the tail of Rafale. The fighter jet would probably lead him to the victory (this is what RaGa thinks). However, the National Commission for Women (NCW) has issued a notice on his misogynist remarks against Defense Minister N. Sitharaman.

Criticizing Rahul’s remarks, NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma said he needs to respect women. ‘He should explain his statement and should have apologized…Nirmala Sitharaman is the defense minister of India…we did not expect such statements by the president of a party which gave India it’s first and only female PM.’ said Sharma.

Meanwhile, #MisogynistRahul is trending on social media today. Some tweets about Rahul Gandhi’s discriminative remarks-




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