Pratapgarh Truth: Why is the Media Silent Over Zafar Khan’s Post Mortem Report?

This Friday, prime time media couldn’t get enough of one Zafar Khan, a labor from Jagwas Kachchi Basti, Pratapgarh who was ‘allegedly’ beaten by the local municipal council officers. The left-libs started slamming the Government for brushing off the apparent ‘lynching’ as ‘death’. A few ‘intellectuals’ like BarkhaDutt, Shekhar Gupta, Nirupama Menon Rao and Sachin Pilot went two steps further, delivering lessons on ‘English Grammar’, ‘Bureaucracy’ and ‘Justice’. Two days since Zafar Khan’s death, the post-mortem reports of the Medical Board contradict the so-called ‘real’ claims made by elite Twitteratis. This brings us to an important question: Why is the media silent over Zafar Khan’s postmortem report?

Following an argument with the local municipal officers, Zafar Khan’s relatives filed a police complaint, accusing the government officers of his murder. Even when the incident’s video clearly showing Zafar Khan hitting officials went viral, the so-called Gods of justice tactlessly blamed the government, without going into the truth. The fact that none of them even visited Pratapgarh to investigate shows the sorry state of affairs in the media sector.Sensation sells, truth doesn’t.


Lynching may have become the fancy-word of the privileged class of journalists who now operate out of plush, air-conditioned offices in some high society in the Metros and use twitter as their tool to proclaim popularity. A simple check of facts and plain knowledge of English could help them understand the difference between death and lynching, but who wants to make the effort when you can create a riot in 140 characters?

The post mortem report is a shocker for the self-acclaimed ‘popular’ journalists and biased media. Contrary to what these reports claimed, the postmortem conducted at Pratapgarh district hospital stated that “the skull, scalp, brain, membranes, vertebrae, spinal cord, thoracic and abdominal organs of the deceased were found to be healthy”. In the opinion of doctors, cardio-respiratory failure was the medical cause of Khan’s death. To ascertain this fact, they’ve sent the viscera for FSL and HPE reports that are due this week.

Some Facts

  • Incident video clearly shows Khan pushing away a member of the Official team.
  • It’s established that Khan went back home after the alleged fight and stayed for an hour.
  • Khan’s brother took him to the hospital where he underwent an ECG before he passed away.
  • His body doesn’t reveal any fatal injuries that can cause death.

Keeping technicalities aside, it should be noted that it is ‘unfair’ to call a person ‘murderer’ unless proven in courts, as stated by the Constitution of India that defines all legalities in our country. Knowing this, what ‘elite’ media did was downright biased and unreasonable. Irony is that a man died, but instead of sympathizing with the family and cooperating with the government, his death was used as a weapon to draw cheap publicity—a fact that exposes the true face of self-styled patrons of truth!

As citizens of a democracy, everyone gets a right to put forth their thoughts,but as journalists, it is both their professional and moral responsibility to thoroughly investigate facts than brazenly distorting an unfortunate incident into a sensational story.